About Altria call center


About Altria Call Center

A World-Class, Dynamic Call Center Service

Altria Call Center is a Canada and Dubai  based call-center business, focused on delivering high quality, 24/7, multilingual inbound customer support as a service. Our services in the city of Dubai and Gulf States since 2002. We specialize in offering dedicated customer service, email response, live chat, social media and other optimal budget-friendly solutions while exponentially increasing your company’s returns.

We provide customer services consultancy.

Altria offers a wide array of highly customizable, cost-effective, and reliable services for your businesses including omnichannel customer service, order confirmation, appointments scheduling, back-office support, IVR solutions, VOIP termination, custom reporting and analytics, and custom solutions, among others.

Our Story

Our Story

We promise to deliver the best value for businesses of all sizes by sustaining close client connections and utilizing cutting-edge technology. At the core of our business lies the hard work and dedication of the hundreds of employees here to help you.

Throughout the entire process, our approach is both consultative and collaborative. We will understand your brief, make the most appropriate recommendations to you as to the best way to achieve your specific goals, and then deliver on our promises to give you a positive and lasting return on your investment.

Altria Call Center  is committed to growing your business through world-class contact center services.

Why Choose Us

Why You Should Choose Us?

Over the years, we have been recognized for quality branded customer service by those who know and appreciate the processes behind world-class customer experience. We have established long-lasting client relationships with numerous companies across the globe in various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, and real estate.


To establish Altria Call Center as the premier provider of Call Center Outsourcing Services at optimal rates. We ́re in business to deliver an outstanding quality customer experience both to our clients and their customers.


Our values extend far beyond services that can scale your business, because we emphasize the 3Ps— Professionalism, Passion, and People. We are passionate about empowering our professional agents to deliver the highest quality of customer experience.


Our agents are motivated to bring you and your customers exceptional customer service at all times. We assure you of this by giving our agents intensive training and continuous development on proper communication, encouragement, and engagement.