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About Us

Our Vision

To establish Altria Call Center as the premier provider of Call Center Outsourcing Services at optimal rates. And to deliver an outstanding quality customer experience both to our clients and their customers. 

Our Values

Our values extend beyond services that can scale your business because we emphasize the 3Ps— Professionalism, Passion, and People. We are passionate about empowering our professional agents to deliver the highest quality customer experience.

Our Purpose

Our agents are motivated to bring you and your customers exceptional customer service at all times. We assure you of this by giving our agents intensive training and continuous development on proper communication, encouragement, and engagement. 

How it started?

Atria Call center is the United States and Dubai-based call center business established in 2002 in Dubai and the Gulf States. Through the years and with our loyal partners, we’ve become more extensive and outstanding in our services.

What can Altria do for you?

We help businesses grow and make their lives easy.

We aren’t just focused on delivering high-quality and 24/7 multilingual inbound customer support. We also specialize in offering dedicated customer service that protects and promote your business, and we are committed to providing the best results.

Success is best when it’s shared – Howard Shultz

Over the years, we have been recognized for quality branded customer service by those who know and appreciate the processes behind world-class customer experience. We have established long-lasting client relationships with numerous global companies in various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, and real estate.

Meet our Team

We love to travel.

We love to have fun.

We love to help.