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Getting started with live chat support

It is a type of service that doesn’t need phone call support. It is a process that typically looks after customers’ concerns through chat or email on a real-time basis. Non-voice support is a way for customers to reach your company without being put on hold for a long time. 
Customers are not alike, some might need phone assistance and some prefer to be assisted through mail or chat. As a business owner, you need to sustain your customers’ needs to increase consumers which is one of the important keys to your business growth. Through this service, customers can have real-time support. This credits your company for giving customer satisfaction and good services.


What the Benefits of Using Email & Live Chat?

It provides for their customer support and customer care teams.  Using sophisticated tracking and monitoring features, live chat platforms can alert agents of visitors coming to websites and provide them with valuable data that can be used to start conversations. Live chat gives businesses the power to offer immediate customer support, instantly resolve requests, and build happier customer relationships. Because live chat gives visitors immediate access to your customer service staff and sales team (and vice-versa), there are a lot more opportunities for your team to convert those visitors into paying customers or customers. The quicker your live chat widget loads, the quicker you will be able to turn website visitors into paying customers.    

You can live chat a site visitor or a prospect in one click. This means that you can talk with customers on the go, without having to log into the WordPress dashboard. Your customers can email you messages while you are out of office, and the pre-chat forms help you gather information about users for follow-ups. This includes tools such as pre-written messages that can automatically send out and save valuable time for your customer support teams as they navigate through the chats.    

This organization allows your customer service teams to see what customer service cases are most difficult to manage on a chat channel. Handling them, therefore, saves companies huge amounts in staffing costs, since it allows several live chat agents to handle as many customers as a large phone support staff. If your company has a smaller team, then live chat support service can also help provide excellent quality customer service without placing much stress on the company, which will, in turn, increase the company’s productivity and increase sales. Chat support also has the potential to impact the customers experience due to its easy-to-use, always-available nature. Using LiveChat, you can convert a chat conversation to a ticket should a customer require more support.

Role Of Aritifical Intelligence in Live Chat

Artificial Intelligence allows your live chat support provider team to partner up with chatbot services, which can help direct your customers to the most relevant solutions for the queries they have. 

Whether routing new chats or solving easy problems, chatbots can help boost your customer support and customer care teams throughput without having to increase your payroll. Live Chat has many more supporting tools to help us enhance customer engagement, like visitor tracking to drive goals, predictive chats to boost conversations, intelligent APIs to integrate with our knowledge base, and much more. Their customization tools let us customize our chat pop-ups to fit the brand of our site, which is a big advantage. 

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Generate Leads

Email Service Provider

Email service providers (ESP) mean the service that you use for creating and delivering an email campaign as well as the assistance the company offers to help a customer successfully send a challenging email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is a old technique even though data shows that Email users are increasing day by day, so creating a successful email marketing campaign is very important.

It involves,

  • Email List Management and Campaign Creation
  • Email Personalization and Automation
  • Getting Analytics and Report
  • Leads Capture
  • Customer Support

In Altria Call Center, all the above steps are undertaken by our Professional Email service provider team so leave the hard process to us!

Live Agent

Live Agent

It is just one of the many features that helps support teams enhance customer engagement: Live Agent is the complete customer support package. You can also automate your Live Help Now chat software using Live Agents Rapier integration, for things like sending an automated Slack message every time there is a new Live Agent client, or adding new chat contacts to an email marketing list. If you do not have a support desk system yet, using LiveAgent Suite could make things easier, as it is a fully-fledged platform that is similar to Zendesk Chat and others. Other notable features include integrating Twitter and Facebook to manage social channels of your business, where agents can keep track of mentions, reply to tweets, and create support tickets directly from within the chat interface.


Live Chat Marketing

Chat integrates with LiveChat Marketing Automation, allowing for greater lead capture. If you look at an Aberdeen Group study report, you will find out that Live Chat makes your customers feel comfortable doing business with you, usually leading to a response of increased loyalty and spending. To help you better understand how much customers value having live chat, consider eDigitals customer service benchmark research conducted on 2000 consumers, which found live chat had the highest level of customer satisfaction, at 73%, as opposed to 61% for email support and just 44% for traditional phone support. In fact, a recent study of 1000 websites found that only 9% of websites used live chat to offer live customer support. Many organizations have tried, and failed, to move customers away from telephone support and toward live chat – or another electronic channel – and 83% of customers around the world prefer to speak to a real person rather than a virtual agent, according to Forbes. Throughout the contact center world, there is a debate about which channels are best to deploy for supporting customers.     From deployment, performance analytics, to communications tips, I am going to take you through the best practices for live chat that we learned at Userlike building one of the leading solutions for live chat, and consulting thousands of companies on their live chat deployment.