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Convert Leads with Integrated Call Center

Over the years, we have been recognized for quality branded customer service by those who know and appreciate the processes behind world-class customer experience.

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    About Us

    A World-Class, Dynamic Call Center Service

    Altria Call Center is Canada and Philippine-based call-center business, focused on delivering high-quality, 24/7, multilingual inbound customer support as a service.We specialize in offering dedicated customer service, email response, live chat, social media, and other optimal budget-friendly solutions while exponentially increasing your company’s returns.


    Why Choose Us

    We Are Focused On Making Your Process A Success

    We have dedicated customer support teams working in different shifts, or outsourcing support services to specialized providers. The goal is to ensure that customers can get help when they need it, enhancing their experience and satisfaction with the products or services we offer.

    Ready to Assist: Chat Live for Quick and Friendly Support!
    Seamless support for every need.

    We’re not just solving problems; we’re building relationships grounded in empathy, trust, and timely solutions. We’re dedicated to turning every interaction into a remarkable tale of support and satisfaction, creating Connections that Last.

    Some of Our Services

    We Provide the Best Services

    Inbound Services

    Essential for businesses looking to attract, engage, and retain customers in a customer-centric and cost-effective manner. Consistently delivering high-quality, informative, and helpful content. This builds trust and credibility among customers, making them more likely to choose your products or services.

    Outbound Services

    Actively reaching out to potential customers through various channels. skilled agents are specialized to manage outbound services efficiently and ensure positive interactions with customers and prospects.

    Technical Support

    Agents are equipped to diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues that customers might not be able to solve on their own. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and can prevent disruptions to operations and minimize revenue loss.

    CCTV Monitoring

    By choosing our CCTV Monitoring Services, you’re taking a proactive step towards safeguarding your property and loved ones. Whether you’re concerned about home security, employee safety, or asset protection, our comprehensive solutions are designed to meet your needs

    Virtual Assistance

    From managing your calendar and responding to emails to conducting market research and handling social media accounts, our Virtual Assistant services are designed to simplify your life and boost your productivity.

    Non-Voice Services

    Our Non-Voice Services are designed to extend the same level of professionalism and quality that customers expect from voice interactions. Whether your customers prefer written communication, real-time chats, or engaging through social media, we’re here to provide efficient and effective support.
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      J.P. Laurel Ave, Davao City, 8000
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