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Outbound Services

    B2B  Cold Calling, Market Research Calling, Survey Services, After-sales Calling….etc.

    Customer Retention

    With Altria Call Center taking the reins of your customer support network, you can guarantee our staff excellent retentiveness to advance your business cancellation rate into a good number of valued customers!

    Lead Generation

    We provide additional sources of lead generation opportunities to assist with your sales and growth goals and expectations.

    Appointment Setting

    We can synchronize with your platform as well as your business expansion or use our system to set schedules and appointments, confirm dates and increase show rates and quotas.

    Other Services

    Technical Support

    Tech Support implies assisting your customers in resolving common technical issues from the products provided…

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    Inbound Services

    24/7 Reservation, Phone answering, Reception services, phone Control services, Security alarm and hotline services, Payment…

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