Outbound Services

Outbound And Telemarketing Services

B2B  Cold Calling, Market Research Calling, Survey Services, After-sales Calling….etc.

Customer Retention

With Altria Call Center taking the reins of your customer support network, you can guarantee our staff excellent retentiveness to advance your business cancellation rate into a good number of valued customers!

Lead Generation

We provide additional sources of lead generation opportunities to assist with your sales and growth goals and expectations.

Appointment Setting

We can synchronize with your platform as well as your business expansion or use our system to set schedules and appointments, confirm dates and increase show rates and quotas.


keeping customers coming back to your business

  1. Customer retention is the act of keeping customers coming back to your business over time. A customer retention strategy is a plan of action designed to keep existing customers and attract new ones. Customer retention strategies are often referred to as marketing strategies.

  2. Customer retention begins with understanding what makes your customers tick. What do they want? Why do they buy from you? How do they feel about your product/service? Do they have any complaints? If they do complain, how do you handle them? These questions help you understand your customers’ wants and needs.

  3. Once you know what your customers want, you need to create a system that keeps them coming back. You should always be looking at ways to improve your service and products. Your goal is to make sure that your customers are satisfied with their experience.


Appointment Setting Process

The first step in setting up an appointment with a call center is to fill out the online form. You will need to provide your name and contact information, as well as any other information you think we may need. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at [email address].
Once you have completed the form, an agent will be in contact with you within 24 hours. The agent will ask some basic questions about why you are scheduling an appointment, including what type of appointment it is and how long it should take. They will then set up a time that works for both of us!

Function & Planing

allows you to set up appointments


The ‘Appointment Setting’ function allows you to set up appointments with your customers. You can choose which appointments are important, and when they will take place.

You can also specify how many appointments per day you want to be able to schedule for your customers.


When it comes to call centers, outsourcing is an important strategy. There are many reasons why companies outsource their call centers. First, it’s a great way to save money. Second, it can help with customer service issues. Third, you can increase the quality of your service.

When companies outsource their call centers, they usually do so for three main reasons: cost savings, quality of service and improving customer satisfaction.

Cost savings: When you outsource your call center operations, you can cut down on costs by avoiding overhead costs associated with running your own call center. You also save on labor costs because outsourcing companies will pay their employees less than what you would have to pay yourself in order to run a facility like yours on your own timetable and with your own staff.

Quality of service: Outsourcing helps improve customer satisfaction by giving your customers better customer support at lower cost than if you had to hire new employees or build new facilities for them just for that purpose alone—which adds even more expenses into an already expensive endeavor!

Improving customer satisfaction: Outsourcing allows you to improve customer satisfaction by hiring

First, make sure that you have an adequate number of agents available at all times. If your agents are overworked or underpaid, they won’t be able to provide their best customer service and may even quit in frustration. When this happens, you’ll need to hire more agents or reduce your hours of operation (or both).

Second, make sure that those agents have enough training about your product or service so that they can answer questions effectively and give customers the information they need efficiently. If an agent doesn’t know what products or services are available from your company, it could cause them problems when trying to answer questions from customers about these items.

Third, don’t leave training up to chance—make sure that every employee has a copy of all relevant documentation on hand at all times so that they can learn how things work right away. You never want a situation where someone doesn’t know how something works because they didn’t read.


Briefing for call center methods

Our company offers a wide range of services, including call center solutions. We are experts in call center methods and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and find the best solution for them.

We also have a strong understanding of how to implement these methods in order to reach your goals.

Call center services are meant to make life easier for people, but it’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae of what you need to do. We’ve taken the time to break down our call center strategy into a few simple steps that have helped us deliver outstanding service at every level.

  1. Define your goals
  2. Create a detailed plan
  3. Build a team around your goals